New Brunswick Rutgers Housing Assignment

How can a student get in contact with their resident/apartment assistant (RA/AA) or a professional Residence Life staff member?

Each residence assistant will post information on how to contact him/her and other Residence Life staff members in community areas. Every campus has a Residence Life Office that is staffed from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. Walk-ins are welcome in each office or students can call these offices with the following numbers:

Busch: 848-445-2561
College Avenue: 848-932-7209
Cook/Douglass: 848-932-9363
Livingston: 848-445-4086

Each campus office has a Campus Director (CD) who oversees the residential communities on that given campus and the Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) who oversee smaller residential areas on each campus. If a student needs to contact any staff after 5:00PM, an emergency number will be posted in each residence hall or the students can call 848-932-7211 and campus police will assist them with an emergency. For medical/life safety emergencies after hours, please call 911.

Important General Information and Policies
Please be sure to review the general housing selection guidelines and policies to ensure proper completion of each step in the process.

Apply for Housing Selection (Step-by-Step)
To participate in the 2018-2019 housing selection process, all students must apply for a number beginning Monday, January 15 through Tuesday, January 23. Residents may not participate in any sign up process (including Douglass Residential College, SAS Honors, and other special programs) without a housing selection number.

Housing Options
Click on the Housing Options link above to review the various housing options and special programs available during the housing selection process. To apply, simply follow the detailed instructions for the housing process you choose, within the time-frames posted. In the meantime, explore our campuses, view floorplans, photos and 3D-room renderings while you learn about our residence halls, apartments, and suites. 

Use the link above to review the seniority information for the 2018-2019 year.

Housing Selection Calendar
Refer to the calendar for important dates, times and deadlines. You will not be able to participate in a process if you do not complete the necessary steps within the indicated timelines.

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