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Rise of the Astronomers


Of all the sciences there is not one that provides such inspiring objects to the attention of the researcher as does the knowledge of astronomy. According to Gianninas, Bergeron and Fontaine, from the ancient times, the study of stars has demonstrated the same enthrallment as it presented in the present times. Among the ancient astronomers, the movements of the moon, the stars and the sun have grasped the attention from their theoretical influence on the environment and human affairs. This essay seeks to examine the rise of astronomers and to explore how the astronomers and the astronomic activities have been transformed from the earliest ages to the present times.

Based on the information presented by Muterspaugh, Konacki, Lane and Pfahl, the practical activities and achievements were obvious in the prehistoric ages. The dictum of great antiquity presented by Hoeppe illustrates how the astronomers’ efforts have been guided by the movements and actions of the heavenly bodies. For instance, in the prehistoric times, certain personalities viewed the position of the stars in order t o predict the time to plough or sow. There was a spur from intellectual curiosity and practical necessity to study the movement of the stars. Consequently, astronomers began to search for explanations regarding the ever-varying occurrences which the heavens present.

Many of thee first astronomers’ activities were indeed primeval. For example Hipparchus, a famous individual in science and who lived at Rhodes in 160BC was among the persons who discovered the diurnal movement of the heavenly objects including the revolution of the sun. The acuteness of the early astronomers allowed them to differentiate the essential of the wanderers which are now known as planets. The astronomers discovered the star-like objects including mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus and realized that the objects constituted a special class of bodies that were utterly distinct from stars. The impressive discoveries by the astronomers have presented valuable explanations regarding the observed facts and have continued to present logical knowledge regarding the heavenly objects. Today, the astronomers recognize their primary obligation, which lie on examining the space to accumulate as complete inventory as possible regarding the objects or heavenly phenomena that are there to be found.


In conclusion, the astronomers’ activities have significantly transformed since the earliest ages to the present times. In the prehistoric times, the position of the heavenly bodies was used to predict certain activities and to prognosticate particular seasons. Later, astronomers sought to find explanations regarding the varying occurrences which the heavens presented. The superb investigations have inspired interest, encouraging astronomers to conduct more studies with a view of presenting more knowledge regarding the heavenly objects.

List Of Easy Astronomy Essay Topics To Consider

Composing an astronomy essay requires a good amount of research online and an inquisitive mind. You need to read a lot, research, write and research again to take your paper to the point of perfection.

However, the first hurdle that most high-school or collegiate students fail to jump over is choosing the right topic. If you can cross this hurdle, half your work is done. Here is a brief guide on how to choose the best astronomy essay topic along with some suggestions.

Astronomy is ridiculously broad a discipline

Astronomy as a discipline of study and research is incredibly vast, much like the subject it deals with. Sometimes broader topics will be assigned to you so you get the chance to conduct deep research and know many things in the process. In other times, your mentor might just pick a topic for you to explore.

If your school has not assigned you a particular topic or your mentor preferred to give you a broader topic (and nothing in specific), you can just pin down the right topic by choosing one from the popular sub-topics.

Which topic is the easiest to go with?

History of natural philosophy or astrophysics is a relatively easy topic to deal with. Apart from that, you may just choose from the following topics to get started. These topics are known to be easy to deal with and you might just get plenty of resources both online and in your school library.

  • Different sub-disciplines of astronomy and astrophysics
  • The Big Bang theory (lots of interpretations, millions of papers available online)
  • Universe Expansion theory (another heated topic of discussion/debate for leading astrophysicists)
  • Celestial objects (You will find thousands of resources online)
  • Unsolved astronomical mysteries (must be fun to write, hence less time-consuming)

One small tip, keep taking notes as and when you flip through resources as it will help you later in writing a solid thesis statement or an opening paragraph for a high-school essay.

Astrology essay topics are about answering questions

It’s always good to remember that writing any astrology essay is primarily about answering a question. Therefore, you should frame your essay in a way so that the main question (or topic) is answered in an unambiguous manner.

Use bibliographies and citations as required. This way, you can score well in your high-school exams. Look up Google to find thousands of other astrology essay topics for your school assignment.


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