It 284 Week 1 Assignment Part

Reading Part I: The Process of Reading, Responding to, and Writing About Literature What is Literature, and Why do We Study It? (pages 3–18) Part II: Reading and Writing About Fiction Chapter 1: Fiction: An Overview (pages 60–61)  Modern Fiction (pages 61–62)  The Short Story (page 62)  Elements of Fiction II, Character, Plot, Structure, and Idea or Theme (pages 64–67)  Style is the Author's Skill in Bringing Language to Life to The Elements Together Are Present in Works of Fiction (pages 76–80)  Sandra Cisneros, Mericans (pages 93–96) Chapter 5: Structure: The Organization of Stories  Daniel Orozco, Orientation (pages 284–287) Chapter 6: Tone and Style: The Words That Convey Attitudes in Fiction  Kate Chopin, The Story of an Hour (pages 307–308) Chapter 10: Collection of Stories for Additional Enjoyment and Study  Jamaica Kincaid, Girl (pages 482–483) Essay Paper Explication of Fiction Having completed the lecture and the readings for this week, select a short story that resonates with you and has themes that you feel you can discuss. Compose an essay that includes the following

Assignment 1 – Environmental FootprintTABLE A. Ecological FootprintFootprint Results(Answers to the following 2 questions will be given upon completion of footprint)If everyone lived like you, how many planet Earth’s would we need? 3.4To support your lifestyle, how many productive global acres area needed? 15Ecological Footprint Breakdown(Values can be obtained by scrolling over pie chart generated at completion offootprint)Percent of emissions from Food13%Percent of emissions from Shelter9%Percent of emissions from Mobility9%Percent of emissions from Goods11%Percent of emissions from Services59%TABLE B. Household EmissionsHousehold Emissions Results(Answers can be found in bar graphs following completion of calculator)What are your current household emissions? 21,675What are the U.S. average household emissions? 62,250What was your reduced emissions?19,374Household Emissions Savings(Answers can be found above bar graphsIf you took all actions you would reduce annual emissions by:2,301If you took all actions your potential dollar savings would be:284Your new total annual estimated CO2 emissions:19,374

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