Mdde 604 Assignment 4-6

MPH 604 Epidemiology Epidemiology Mid term Exam Week 4 20 questions in length. Three hours to complete. (plus additional questions that may be helpful)1.Match the following individuals with their contributions to the field of epidemiology.Response Options: Joseph GoldbergerJohn GrauntSir Austin Bradford HillJames LindRobert KochHippocratesWilliam FarrEdward JennerAlexander LangmuirJohn Snow20 Points: (please see options below and fill in the4 blanks)a.Hypothesized that disease might be associated with the physical environment; distinguished between epidemic and endemic ____Hippocrates______b.Credited with "modern epidemiology" methods and provided the foundation for the classification of diseases (ICD system). ________William Farr_____________ c.Used cowpox to vaccinate against smallpox after noting the low rate of the latter among dairy maids. _____Edward Jenner________d.The "Columbus" of biostatistics, he used mortality data to show cause of death. ___John Graunt______e.First to perform an experimental study to examine potential preventive measures forscurvy among seafarers.______James Lind_________f.Developed a set of postulates for causation including the theory that micro-organisms must be observed in every case of the disease, and must be able to be isolated and grown in culture.___Robert Koch______g.Early epidemiologists who used maps and case definitions to examine a cholera outbreak in London. _____John Snow______h.Developed a set of criteria for assessing causation ___Sir Austin Bradford Hill___ i.Established the Epidemic Intelligence Service at the Centers of Disease Control ___Alexander Langmuir____j.Discovered the cure for pellagra ___Joseph Goldberger______

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