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Why is this item not shown properly in my bibliography?

@misc{ann, abstract = {ANN is an implbmentation of nearest neighbor search.}, author = {David M. Mount and Sunil Arya}, howpublished = {\url{http://www.cs.umd.edu/~mount/ANN/}}, keywords = {knn}, posted-at = {2010-04-08 00:05:04}, priority = {2}, title = {ANN.}, url = "http://www.cs.umd.edu/~mount/ANN/", year = {2008} } @misc{Nilsson96introductionto, author = {Nilsson, Nils J.}, citeulike-article-id = {6995464}, howpublished = {\url{http://robotics.stanford.edu/people/nilsson/mlbook.html}}, keywords = {*file-import-10-04-11}, posted-at = {2010-04-11 06:52:28}, priority = {2}, title = {Introduction to Machine Learning: An Early Draft of a Proposed Textbook.}, year = {1996} }

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I am using


. It produces error when using url package together with it. So can the two not work together?

I would like to use hyper links inside pdf file, so I want to use hyperref package instead of url package. I googled a bit, and try

but there is still no line break just as before. How can I do it?


When using url and hyperref together, if it is just

the compilation by latex is fine, but the link is still hyperlink and has still no linebreak. If I do not use hyperref package, the link has linebreak, but I lose hyper links. Since \url can be used in both hyperref and url packages, how can I specify which package's \url is being used?

If it is

the compilation by latex command will report clash with url:

So I wonder how I should do?


LaTeX and its packages need several compilation runs to get everything correct. For example can't place a link forwards in the document in the very first run because that part of the document wasn't processed yet. Therefore it stores this information in the auxiliary file(s) and reads them back in at the next run. Unknown destinations are simply replaced by the first page. You simply need to compile the document at least twice, sometimes three times (if e.g. the table-of-content turns out to take more than one page and pushes the rest of the document further down).

I would recommend to use a compiler tool which runs all the nesseary steps in the right order and the right number of times for you. Many LaTeX editors do this for you. There is also the script which will do the job very well. For PDF output use .

If this doesn't fix your issue please try to provide a minimal working example (MWE) that recreates your problem. We would also need which tools you are using (OS, LaTeX distribution, the steps you takes, ...)

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