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Bibliography of the Writings of Alfred Russel Wallace

S1-S218 (articles 1843-1872)
S219-S459 (articles 1873-1892)
S460-S712 (articles 1893-1913+)
S713-S754 (books and interviews)
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    This Bibliography of Wallace's writings is divided into three parts. The first and longest part (S1-S712) lists those essays, empirical studies, pamphlets, letters to the Editor, notes, etc., that Wallace published during his lifetime (and a few relevant items appearing after his death). The second part (S713-S734) treats his full-scale monographs, including all editions published in English during his lifetime (and those few which continued to be reprinted unchanged after his death). Also included in the second part are separately printed excerpts from these works which I have encountered. In the third part (S735-S754), I have listed some significant interviews Wallace gave.

    Each unique entry (i.e., disregarding reprintings) has been assigned an 'S' number; entries added to the list after its original compilation in 1991 extend the numbering system with letters. The entries in each of the three parts are listed chronologically according to their first date of publication or formal oral presentation (there are some unavoidable exceptions to this format, however). Each part is individually organized chronologically while the numbering scheme continues from part to part without resettings. In all three parts short explanatory notes have been inserted in brackets where such information might be useful. I have physically examined almost every entry (including reprintings).

    As the line must be drawn somewhere, this list does not include all Wallace-originated material I am aware was published. With but few exceptions I have not, for example, included second-person synopses of the many paid public lectures he gave. I have also made no concerted effort to trace all personal letters of his that may have appeared in collections of other individuals' correspondence (though I have started to add these as I come across them; off-limits, however, are the large numbers of letters that appear in his autobiography My Life (S729), the James Marchant collection Alfred Russel Wallace; Letters and Reminiscences; and the main Darwin letters collections). I will continue to update the list with new discoveries made since its original publication as part of my anthology Alfred Russel Wallace: An Anthology of His Shorter Writings (Oxford University Press, 1991).

    The following abbreviations of organizations and Wallace book titles are employed throughout Parts I and II:

    ASL: Anthropological Society of London
    A-VL: National Anti-Vaccination League, London
    BAAS: British Association for the Advancement of Science
    CTNS: Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection (S716: 1870)
    ESL: Entomological Society of London
    LNS: Land Nationalisation Society
    LSL: Linnean Society of London
    NSTN: Natural Selection and Tropical Nature (S725: 1891)
    RGS: Royal Geographical Society
    SPR: (British) Society for Psychical Research
    SSS: Studies Scientific and Social (S727: 1900)
    TNOE: Tropical Nature and Other Essays (S719: 1878)
    ZSL: Zoological Society of London

In addition, 'n.s.' is used in place of 'new series' (or 'o.s.' for 'old series,' '2nd s.' for 'second series,' etc.), 'n.d.' in place of 'no date,' and 'n.p.' in place of 'no pagination.' Further, the acronym 'lttE' replaces the frequently appearing 'letter to the Editor'.

    Printed abstracts and the like are labelled accordingly, the designation being followed by an oblique (/) and one of four letters to indicate whether the available evidence suggests to me that the summary was: not prepared by Wallace himself (/N), not likely to have been prepared by Wallace himself (/U), quite possibly prepared by Wallace himself (/P), or known to have been prepared by Wallace himself (/Y). Titles of monographs and pamphlets in the list are printed in italics; titles of all shorter selections are given within single quotation marks when not the main entry itself (e.g., as listed reprints).

    Miscellaneous conventions: In Parts I and III (articles and interviews), each main entry (consisting of the first and/or most complete place of publication or presentation) is followed (as applicable) by a list of reprintings, partial reprintings, summaries, etc., separated by semicolons. In Part II (books), each entry is subdivided according to revised editions, with reprintings of each edition following within brackets (and separately published excerpts listed at the end of the overall entry). In all three parts, except where noted otherwise, it can be assumed that reprintings carry the same title as the original (for monographs, this treatment extends to publication and pagination data). Obliques (/) are used in all parts to designate parallel conditions of publication--for instance where an article was published in successive numbers of a journal, or an edition (or reprint of an edition) of a book was published by more than one firm. When capitalized, titles are exactly as listed; lower-case 'titles' convey generic information ('letter,' 'review,' etc.) where actual titles are lacking. When the entry is part of a larger article as noted, pagination of entry is directly followed by pagination of the overall article in parentheses.

    Also available here is the subject indexing system (General Subject Index) found in my 1991 monograph, updated to keep up with the new additions. This index groups somewhat more specific subjects on which Wallace wrote (such as 'the future of humankind' or 'mimicry') into eight more general groups ('Anthropology,' 'Spiritualism,' 'Land Nationalization and Other Social Issues,' 'The Anti-vaccination Campaign,' 'Biogeography,' 'Evolution,' 'Physical Geography and Geology,' and 'Miscellaneous Subjects'), then lists for each more specific subject the 'S' number of each entry in the Bibliography containing information related to it.

    In mid-2001 I completed my Personal Names Index to Wallace's writings; this too will be updated as new S-entries are discovered and added to the main list. This resource should make it easier for researchers to identify sources and trace influences. Accompanying this is The Most Important People in Wallace's Intellectual Life, a short feature consisting of a descriptive list of those persons whose names appear most frequently in Wallace's published writings.

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