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 Art in Last Poems
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Literature Essay Examples

Literature Review Writing Online

Literature review is assigned to students with the aim of checking how good they can evaluate a piece of writing, which may include a book, article, etc. In this regard, literature essay example and other types of free essays online can serve as a good prompt for better understanding of how to write a literature essay. The following article will provide you with useful literature essay writing tips.

Normally, literature review is composed of the following parts:

  • Sources summary
  • Classification
  • Comparison of sources
  • Evaluation

Professional literature essay sample will help you identify and understand these constituents better.

As you can see from different literature essay examples general structure of literature essay is similar to other essay types.

Literature essay consists of the main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

However, the writer should remember that literature review is not an annotated bibliography. The aim of literature review is not to summarize the sources only. It is aimed at deep analysis of materials and high analytical skills demonstration. High quality literature essay example can provide a writer with useful literature essay writing tips and help complete the assignment easily.

American and Iranian Culture free essay example

A Comparison of American and Iranian Culture The USA and Iran are countries with radically different cultural values and traditions. Iranian culture has been formed throughout centuries. On the other hand, American culture is much younger, and its values are not as old and influential as Iranian. Most differences between cultures and traditions of various […]

Baudelaire and Rimbaud essay example

Baudelaire and Rimbaud Free Essay Example In the nineteenth century, several different waves in the literature that were mostly influenced by the dynamic historical period in France appeared. Romanticism was followed by Realism, while the last one – by Naturalism and Symbolism. The style of each of them as well as its writers’ and poets’ […]

The Lady with the Pet Dog Literature Essay

Literature Free Essay Example Joyce Carol Oates novel “The Lady with the Pet Dog” is a story which portrays a the modern woman from the contemporary modern set up in a realistic manner through offering insights into the happenings of their lives. Through the use of a modern context the author seeks to analyze the […]

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