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Are you applying for a new job? If so, how will your resume get noticed in a crowded job market? Shouldn’t your resume be the one that stands out from other applicants?

Now’s a great time to submit your resume for that position you’re looking for. Every second you wait, another applicant is sending out their resume, putting them in a position to get hired, while you’re getting left behind.

Do you need to rework your resume design? And do so as quickly as possible? It’s challenging and time consuming to design a resume from scratch—one that makes a great first impression. 

You have to organize your job history, employment details, and demonstrate your skills graphically. Come up with a visual concept, design your layout in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Then you need to step-by-step craft each custom section of your resume, so that it makes an impact. Don’t worry though, if you’re in a hurry and need a quality, ready-to-use solution, we have you covered!

What you need is a professional resume template—one that fits your design aesthetic, has great infographic and visual features, and is super easy for you to personalize.

Infographic and Visual Design Features

We have a number of creative resume templates featured here from GraphicRiver. Each is designed with professional graphics, so you can get the job you’re aiming for. They come packed with clean infographics, and data presentation options, so you’re experience and skills shine with at-a-glance clarity.

Each of these infographic resume templates have loads of visual features to present your work experience attractively. While feature-rich, they are easy to use. You can readily customize your profile, work history, present your skills, and readily insert your personal brand details.

There are a number of visual features you can personalize, such as:

  • colorful infographics
  • editable work skills graphs
  • job experience timelines
  • customizable word maps
  • bar and circle graphs
  • assorted graphic icons

Additionally, these creative resumes come with advanced options to showcase your personality, and many include portfolio presentation pages, cover letters, and more.

Grab one of these already visually engaging resumes, add your custom graphics and info, and you’re ready to land that job!

Creative Resume Templates

Here are 15 creative resume templates with great infographic and visual features to choose from:

1. Visual Resume / CV With Graphics and Infographics

Are you in need of a fresh resume or curriculum vitae (CV)? Regardless of what you call it, your resume is what gets your foot in the door to any job you apply to. If it’s been some time since you’ve updated your’s, then a quality designed resume is just what you need. This professional graphic resume template comes in InDesign, Illustrator, and Word format. It has all the infographic and visual features you’d want to make a great first impression!

2. Infographic Style Resume Template

This resume is great for designers and creatives of all types, or anyone that wants to catch an employer's eye from a pool of applicants. This template pack comes with resume, cover letter, and portfolio pages. There are multiple color options in these Photoshop (PSD) files as well. If you have a number of skills to feature to potential employers, then this resume template is a great solution. It comes packed with infographic and visual display options that are clean, professional, and attention-grabbing.

3. Infographic Resume Template Vol.1

This resume template features a number of infographics. It has a modern design style and a sharp, clean look. It’s made to make your job history and skills stand out creatively and professionally. It comes with Photoshop, Indesign and Microsoft Word files. A matching cover letter is included. It’s easy to edit and customize, and will help you make an unforgettable impression! Or you can get more design options from this author with the Infographic Resume Bundle.

4. Clean Colorful Resume Template

Graphic-rich, colorful, with a number of icons and infographics—which will quickly highlight your application as distinctive—this infographic resume template is ready to use. It comes in MS Word, InDesign, and PDF formats. It’s easy to edit and customize. And it’s set up professionally for print at high resolution or you can export to a number of popular formats.

5. Tri-fold Resume & Portfolio

This resume template is a great way to make a creative impression. It’s designed with visual features to succinctly showcase your folio, present your work history with infographics, integrate your personal brand, display your skills, and more. This graphic resume design folds up neatly into three parts to readily fit into a standard envelope. This InDesign file is set up for print and ready to put to use.

6. Creative Resume Template Design

Infographic and data-rich, with numbers and modern fonts, this creative resume template is a great way to showcase your abilities to potential employers. Your job history and distinctive skills will stand out immediately. It comes in InDesign and Illustrator formats. It’s print ready, setup up with text styles, and layers ready to work with, as well as infographics that are easy to edit. You can quickly add your info and customize. There is a back, gray, and white versions.

7. 3-Piece Clean Infographic Resume

This modern resume template, comes with clean infographic features for displaying your skills visually and demonstrating to potential employers what key assets you can bring to their organization. It comes in InDesign and Photoshop formats. It’s set up with A4 and Letter sizes. It’s packed with vector icons and infographics, which are easy to edit and personalize. Leap out as a creative pro!

8. Simple Infographic Resume Design

This is a simple infographic resume template, that can present your employment info in a professional style. The data and visual display features are sharp and read with clarity. It comes in PSD/Photoshop, AI/EPS, and InDesign/INDD file formats. It’s print ready at 300DPI and set up with professional printer bleeds. These files are fully edible and well organized. You can get your new job with this resume design.

9. Infographic Curriculum Vitae Resume Elements

This is a professional resume (curriculum vitae) design completely in vector format. It’s ready to use, easy to customize to your info, and present your assets in visual style. The graphic resume template files features options for displaying your residence on a map, languages you speak, you can highlight your skills, and use icons to call attention to awards, work experience, and your qualifications. It’s features a colorful design on a clean white background.

10. Ansel - Graphic Resume and Cover Letter Template

With a clean black and white design, great visual infographic features, and photo and brand components, you can get noticed immediately with this graphic resume template. It has a professional graphic design format that comes in Photoshop and Word. You can readily customize in either application. It also includes a cover letter template in addition to the one-page resume. Get hired today!

11. Creative Resume Templates 2 in 1

If you’re applying for any position, your first impression starts with your resume. This graphic template pack comes with two creative resume designs. Each has infographic and visual features that can showcase your experience, detail your skills, and help you stand out visually. Either Photoshop file can easily be adapted to your profile and personal brand. These resume template files also come with portfolio displays, business cards, covers, and additional add on features.

12. Resume Template Design

This graphic resume template package comes with six pages: front cover, resume page, references page, portfolio, letter, and back cover. It’s a minimal, modern graphic resume design, which can be tri-folded for mailouts. It’s easy to add your info, make use of the infographics, and visual graphic options, and stand out professionally—with clean creativity. It comes in print ready InDesign format.

13. Graphic Resume Template

This popular, user-friendly, graphic resume template has a number of file options. It comes in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, as well as MS Word. The are 8 color versions all set up and ready to early work with—332 files in total. All come with multiple page options: simple resume, infographic resume, cover letter, and folio. The graphic resume template files are all properly layered, set for one click changes, and easy to work with paragraph styles.

14. Creative Resume Template Design

This resume template is cleanly designed, in an elegant style, and includes simple graphic and data presentation features. Do you need to get a job? This resume design will help you make a professional creative impression. It comes as a pack with MS Word and Photoshop files. They are set up to be customized, well organized, and easy to edit. Get the best results in the fastest time possible with this resume template.

15. Hexagon Graphic Resume Template

This is a stylish resume design with a simple hexagon theme. It includes graphic page templates for: resume, cover letter, portfolio, and references. It has six color options and comes with Photoshop, InDesign and Word files. This graphic resume template is all set to print at high resolution, and just needs your custom details added. Then you can get a visually distinctive resume sent out to potential employers.

3 Quick-Fire, Resume Design Tips

Here are three quick tips to choose the best resume template for your needs, how to customize it, and add your unique branding details:

1. Choose a Well-Designed Resume Template

There are so many creative resume templates. It can be hard to make a final decision on which one to use. There are a few points to reflect on to make an informed choice.

First, think about what visual look you want and how it will best represent you in the marketplace. Are you more interested in a colorful infographic resume—one with bold icons and graphics? Or are you more drawn to something that is minimal and set in subdued black and white, like the simple Ansel resume template. In either case, you want a resume design that is well-organized, reads cleanly, and is set in a layout that is easy for the eye to follow.

In addition to style, you should also consider what resume components you need. Do you want a single resume page or are you also needing a cover letter and a page to present your portfolio of work? Do you want icons or other visual features to make sections of your resume stand out? Choose a resume template that has the look and features you need.

Also, narrow down your choice by what graphic software you’re most comfortable in and have access to. Do you have Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Word? If not, you can also hire a graphic designer to help you out. They can add your details to any template you choose.

Once you’ve reviewed the options, narrowed down your style and presentation needs, then make an intuitive choice and pick one.

2. Catch the Eye with Resume Infographics

You may also want to pay particular attention to infographics when making your decision on which template to go with. Infographic designs are a great way to add a more detailed, data-driven, look to your resume. They also bring focus to details you want to call immediate attention to, like what an expert you are in a particular software program or the job experience you have.

Consider if you’d like to present your work history with a timeline? Or would you like to add your skills with circle charts? Or possibly, display word clouds to feature your professional experience?  

Choose a graphic resume template that has just the right infographic features you need and will present your skills and experience with the greatest clarity.

3. Add Your Brand and Personalize

Another point is to consider how your personal brand fits with the resume template you’re looking at. Will your photo and personal brand work well with this resume template? How will your personal logo fit the design? Also, are the color themes on target with your brand or easy to customize to fit?

You want to make your resume unforgettable, so choose a template that you can inject your personality into.

We have a helpful article on creative resume design tips for more compelling suggestions—including advice on how to better brand your resume:

And if you're a graphic designer, and just looking for a workflow on how to craft your own creative resume design in InDesign, then work through this tutorial: 

If you need a good overview of how to put make your resume, which comprehensively covers the integrated writing and design process, then dig into this tutorial: 

Any one of the creative resume templates referenced in this article could be just what you need. Insert your job info into these pro designs, customize it to your profile and experience, add your personal branding and graphics, then export. And you’re ready to land that job you’re aiming for!

In a world where it is more difficult to land a job than ever before, and sometimes with hundreds of people applying for the same position, it is crucial for the applicant to stand out above their competition with a brilliant resume. It would also be good if they could do it in just a few seconds, because that’s how long it takes for the recruiters to decide whether or not they should be invited for an interview.

Jennifer Roberts, who is a professional resume writer for Resumesplanet, highlights the importance of getting to know the company first:

“Having a creative resume is great, but before you go out and create it, do some research about the company you are applying for a job with. They might prefer something more traditional, and not having a classical resume will get you eliminated very quickly.

"On the other hand, if you are applying for a job in IT, video production, or design, producing a video or infographic resume would be a great idea.”

The following list includes tips on how to create a spectacular and effective infographic resume, along with some advice on what practices to avoid.

1. Consider If An Infographic Resume Is The Best Way to Go

As previously pointed out, some companies and recruiters may take the entire process a lot seriously than others, which means they prefer to look at a traditional resumes, which highlight the applicant’s education and employment history. Also, a resume should also contain skills and qualities that are essential for that particular job.

If you are a developer, for instance, put a spotlight on your skill set, and list all of the programming languages you are capable of coding in, along with other computer skills which might come in handy on the job.

If it’s not your first job, make it a point to highlight your experience, as well as awards and accolades, because those can go a long way towards establishing you as ambitious, talented, and hard-working in the eyes of the recruiter.

2. Send It as an Addition to Regular Resume

Some jobs will be a bit more flexible, so you may be able to include your infographic resume as accompanying piece to your regular resume. If the job requires someone who is artistically oriented, or if it’s a designer position, an infographic resume can help you convey a lot more about your talent and skills than just having words scribbled down on a piece of plain white paper.

That way, the recruiters will have a more traditional flowing resume to look at, plus your infographic one as a practical demonstration of your knowledge.

3. Stick to Design Principles

Creating a stunning infographic resume is a lot more than throwing some colors and different shapes into the mix. There are rules as to what makes a certain visual presentation pleasing to the human eye.

If you are a designer, you are already familiar with these principles. If you are not, don’t worry, because there are plenty of apps out there designed to help you put together some compelling and visually potent infographics. Before we get into those, let’s go over a few design guidelines.

Although you are introducing visual elements, don’t make a mess of it. Just as you would break up chunks of text into paragraphs and subheadings to make your resume an easier read, you should also aim to make your infographics clean and streamlined. Don’t mix and match random colors and backgrounds. Background should be light, and as for colors, it is best if you use just one, but in few different tones. Blue and green are always a safe choice, because they inspire trust.

    • Don’t Use Style to Mask the Lack of Substance

Your infographic resume should not just be an exercise in style. Remember, the whole point of having one is to present your skills and experience in an aesthetically pleasing way that is easier to digest for the recruiter, because people respond better to visuals.

Cool graphics will attract attention, but if they are not used to highlight you and your skills, they’re pretty much of an example of style over substance.

    • Use the Following Visual Elements:

Photos: Having a professional or at least decent shot of your on your resume is something that is absolutely necessary. It’s your chance to make a good impression.

Stats: Make those numbers work for you by using visual stats. You can use them to illustrate your years of experience, skill level, client satisfaction, number of completed projects, received awards, and so on.

Quotes/Mentions: If you can get a quote or a reference from your former employer or client, that sort of thing really stands out on your infographic resume, plus it’s not just a case of you bragging, because it’s someone else’s relevant recommendation.

Timeline: Timeline is one of the best ways to present the flow of your career, important dates, promotion, and milestones, and arguably the biggest advantage of infographics over plain text.

Company Logos: Featuring the logo of a company you’ve worked for is a lot more effective than just listing them on your resume, because people respond to brands. In addition to that, this sort of thing improves your credibility.

And the best part of it is, you don’t have to limit yourself to just former employers. If your article was featured somewhere online, use that website’s logo. If you have volunteered for a certain organization, or if you actively support their cause, feature their official logo, as well.

Headlines: You can create a catchy headline that will attract the attention of the recruiters, which will at the same time provide them with all the essential information about your skills.

4. Learn to Use Specialized Software

If design is not one of your strong suits, check out one of the following infographic apps:

One of the most efficient infographic-creating apps which is a crowd-favorite because of its user-friendly interface and plenty of pre-made templates which you can also use to create your infographic resume.

In addition to probably being the best known app of this type, you can also use it to create not just your resume, but posters and cover images for you social media account, so if the recruiter decides to check out your online presence, they will know that your visual skills extend beyond just your resume.

This app was designed with the intention of helping you create infographic resumes, so it’s probably the easiest to use of the bunch. You can choose from a variety of different themes, charts, bubbles, timelines, pictograms, and so on. Another thing you can do is to check out as many examples as you can, especially those that have helped their authors land them that dream job.

Another thing you can do is to check out as many examples as you can, especially those that have helped their authors land them that dream job.

Here's a great example of an infographic resume by a Melbourne-based blogger Cent Muruganandam (@centmuru) which he created using Visme for free. He has covered in-depth how to use this tool for infographic resume creation in his post “How to Create an Infographic Resume Free of Cost."

Click to enlarge

Infographic resumes can be extremely effective, but before you decide to create and send one, think long and hard about whether or not it would be the best solution, considering the type of a job you are applying for, as well as reputation of the company. Some like to play it straight, while others are a bit more flexible, and it’s your job to figure their preference.

Stick to the design guidelines we have laid out for you here, but also keep in mind that is ok to bend the rules a little bit from time to time, if you want to stand out from the crowd.

In the end, it’s about you convincing them that you are the best possible candidate for the job, and infographics are just there to help.

Micheal is a resume writer and editor. He's psyched about marketing, business, blogging and SMM. In his parallel life, he loves hiking and can't wait to see the Himalayas one of these days.

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