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NSF started Public Speaking contests in 2006 help and educate our children on how to prepare and present a speech before their peers or to a group of people. The preparation should help the students to become successful communicators and deliver better speeches without becoming nervous.

There are several goals for conducting the Public Speaking Bee. To enumerate a few:

  • To make public speaking not as a chore or stressful event but to make it as an enjoyable task
  • To better prepare for excelling in public speaking
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for public speaking
  • To develop important skills in delivering a better and powerful speeches
  • To develop creativity and ingenuity in situations where one needs to deliver speeches at a short notice

Students should familiarize themselves with the Public Speaking Contest Rules.

For help with preparing for the contest, go to Public Speaking Preparation.

For any questions regarding the contest, go to Public Speaking FAQ.

Season's Greetings! Whether you are shoveling snow off your driveway or still enjoying mild weather for the winter, the coming of the winter signals holidays and family time globally. NSF brings you a special assortment of book reviews, reflections, and stories to read and reflect on by the fireplace during this slightly calmer family period.

We bring to you two book reviews: one on the theme of self-improvement and another on the theme of volunteerism and global education. Both themes are close to the heart of many NSF volunteers, and we hope you can gain some interesting insight from our thoughts.

On the same topic of volunteerism, we bring to you an interview of Bharath Ram, a high school senior who used his interest in bharathnatyam to raise $4800 for NSF India Scholarships. We found his experience inspiring, and encourage all NSF community members to read his story. All NSF students can find their own volunteer voice through Dollar-A-Square.

Next, we would like to introduce Malavika Kannan, our newly recruited newsletter editor. She shares a reflection on a quote that particularly got her thinking, and ties into her experiences with NSF. If you hunger for pondering deep thoughts and life quotes, Malavika's article is some great food for thought.

Finally, the regional competitions are just around the corner. If you are interested in competing, this is the time to sign up and crack open those books.

Once again, we would like to remind everyone that we want your feedback and input- we want these newsletters to cater specifically to your interests. We would greatly appreciate hearing your feedback on the new idea of book review articles, as well as any book suggestions for the next newsletter. We also love reading and sharing reader submissions to the NSF community, and encourage all NSF aspiring writers to take advantage of this opportunity. One reader submission is included in this newsletter, and we plan to include more in the next newsletter as well. With your input, this newsletter will be a collection of articles by and for the NSF community.

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