Se Habla Espanol By Tanya Barrientos Essay Topics

Tanya Barrientos, “Se Habla Espanol”1.How did Tanya Barrientos feel about Spanish as a child?How did she feel about Spanish as an adult?When she was a child she thought Spanish was for poor people, people who usually work cleaninghotel rooms or wai±ng tables. She did not care about Spanish because she wanted to feel a superior,white American. She hated to be called Mexican at the point that she felt it like an insult.When she grows up her father sends her to Mexico and there she realizes that she likes to be aMexican. The music, the architecture, the art, and everything in Mexico reveal her real interest forbeing a La±na. She wanted to be pride of being a La±na, but she felt like a lie due to that she couldnot talk Fuent Spanish. But she realizes that she should be proud of being a La±na because that isthe way to show the world how diverse can culture be. 2.Barrientos uses anecdotes (mini-stories) to illustrate some of her points. What was your reac±on to her anecdote about star±ng school one week late when she was 7? (“To be honest, for most of my childhood

Justin Newton October 1, 2015 ENG 100-B80 Ms. Asbury Se Habla Espanol Essay Summary In Tanya Barrientos’s essay ‘Se Halba Espanol” she expresses her struggle of being a Latina who doesn’t speak English. Being born in Guatemala, a Spanish speaking country, she and her family moved to the USA at three years old. Once moving to Texas her parents made the decision for the children to cease speaking Spanish only to speak, read, and write in English molding them into America’s culture. She wanted to prove all of the stereotypes wrong but believing them herself. She stated “To me speaking Spanish translated into being poor. It meant waiting tables and cleaning hotel rooms.” She felt it was a compliment in her eyes for not being seen as a Mexican while not speaking Spanish equated to being white. As she grew older she began to love her heritage, she wanted to know more about her heritage so she just dove right into it all head first.

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