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Many people are concerned about the U.S. military because of how many risks come with joining it. However, the U.S. military also explains the benefits that one could receive. Joining the military is a decision that should not be taken lightly. One must understand all aspects of the military. In order for a voter to be fully informed about joining the US military, one must consider both the risks, like mental illnesses and commitment and benefits, like education, and experience.
1. Risks of Joining the Military:
Mental Illnesses
Suffering from a mental illness is a common effect of joining the military that many people aren’t fully aware of. Specific mental illnesses one can suffer from are Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and…show more content…

PTSD, depression, and the lack of treatment should all be taken into consideration when thinking about the military. Depression in soldiers can be caused by the length of deployment because they don’t see their families or friends for months.
Being in the military takes dedication as well as devotion because it is a big commitment that one must follow through with. Rod Powers, a writer, states, “Before you join, recognize the fact that a stint in the military is not civilian employment. It's not just like having a regular job. You can't just get up and quit anytime you want to" (Powers). One must be patient because this is a responsibility Powers also states, “Along with not being able to quit, there is also the factor of being deployed for months. Soldiers may find themselves spending up to seven months out of every year deployed” (Powers). A soldier must be able to handle being separated from family and friends for a good amount of time. This separation can cause stress and anxiety between soldiers and their families. Bruce Bell, a psychiatrist, and Walter Schumm, an author, clarify that, "Returning from deployment can sometimes be stressful and disappointing" (Bell and Schumm). Soldiers can return home to problems concerning money, children, spouses, or other relatives. In addition to stress, soldiers and families also get anxious. Bell and Schumm also mention that, “Unpredictable timing can

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Celebrating diversity is a good way for Americans to better understand the customs, cultures, and languages of their fellow Americans and others who live amongst us. To some, celebrating these differences is a respectful way to acknowledge diversity; to others, promoting these differences are threatening to their own identities as Americans. There are plenty of feelings scattered in between, too.

Whatever your sentiments and whatever your experiences, there are different ways of celebrating diversity. As a generic concept, observing holidays, watching documentaries, and learning more about peoples and cultures different from your own are ways to celebrate. On a much deeper level celebrating means acknowledging rich histories, creating critical dialogues about those histories, and weaving meaningful futures together as a strong collection of peoples. And, while that sounds fine in theory, what does this all mean and how may it be practiced?

Acknowledging rich histories means seeking a better understanding and appreciation for the histories of different peoples with whom we share community. Acknowledgement may come from learning about these histories, providing each of us with a fuller and more solid conception of how different cultures and peoples existed in the near or distant past.

Creating critical dialogue about these histories is essential because it carves out time and space to really examine how this history shapes the present. While this may be a difficult at times, speculative even, it is vital to explore these narratives. Critical thinking and awareness promote a stronger sense of community, understanding, and overall general wellbeing. These conversations may happen inside or outside of a formal classroom setting, and with many different opinions.

Weaving meaningful futures together as a collection of peoples represents a more peaceful harmony whereby cultural differences are accepted and celebrated. Democracy allows for the expression of different points of view, each possibly offering to strengthen the institution itself. In the United States, we have safeguards in place to protect diverse viewpoints and experiences even should they conflict with our own. As proponents of democratic government, we should all be interested in making certain the true appreciation of diversity is a priority.

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