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Autobiographical works



  • Review of Herman Melville by Lewis Mumford [1930]
  • Review of Alexander Pope by Edith Sitwell, etc [1930]
  • Review of Angel Pavement by J. B. Priestley [1930] (october)
  • Review of The Two Carlyles by Osbert Burdett [1931] (march)
  • Review of The Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam [1932]
  • Review of Byron and the Need of Fatality by Charles du Bos [1932]
  • Review of Caliban Shrieks by Jack Hilton [1935] (march)
  • Review of Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller [1935] (november)
  • Review of Spanish Testament by Arthur Koestler [1938]
  • Review of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler [1940]
  • Review of Personal Record by Julien Green [1940]
  • Review of The Totalitarian Enemy by Franz Borkenau [1940]
  • Review of Landfall by by Nevil Shute; Nailcruncher by Albert Cohen, translated from the French by Vyvyan Holland [1940]
  • Review of The Sword and the Sickle by Mulk Raj Anand [1942]
  • Review of Burnt Norton, East Coker, The Dry Salvages by T. S. Eliot [1942]
  • Review of The British Way in Warfare by B. H. Liddell Hart [1942]
  • Review of Beggar My Neighbour by Lionel Fielden [1943]
  • Review of Collected Poems by W. H. Davies [1943]
  • Review of The Edge of the Abyss by Alfred Noyes [1944]
  • Review of The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek, etc. [1944]
  • Review of The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith [1944]
  • Review of The Unquiet Grave by "Palinurus" [1945]
  • Review of The Nigger of the Narcissus etc by Joseph Conrad [1945]
  • Review of Drumu under the Windows by Sean O'Casey [1945]
  • Review of The Prussian Officer and Other Stories by D.H. Lawrence [1945]
  • Review of A Coat of Many Colours: Occasional Essays by Herbert Read [1945]
  • Review of We by E.I. Zamyatin [1946]
  • Review of The Reilly Plan by Lawrence Wolfe [1946]
  • Review of The Democrat at the Supper Table by Colm Brogan [1946]
  • Review of The Cosmological Eye by Henry Miller [1946]
  • Review of The Story of Burma by F. Tennyson Jesse [1946]
  • Review of The Martyrdom of Man by Winwood Reade [1946]
  • Review of The Soul of Man under Socialism by Oscar Wilde [1948]
  • Review of The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene [1948]
  • Review of Great Morning by Osbert Sitwell [1948]
  • Review of Portrait of the Antisemite by Jean-Paul Sartre [1948]
  • Review of Notes towards the Definition of Culture by T.S. Eliot [1948]
  • Review of Their Finest Hour by Winston S. Churchill [1949]


  • Inside the Whale and other essays [1940]
  • Critical Essays [1946]
  • Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays [1950]
  • England Your England and Other Essays [1953] (Such, Such Were the Joys)
  • A Collection of Essays by George Orwell [1954]
  • The Orwell Reader, Fiction, Essays, and Reportage [1956]
  • Selected Essays [1957]
  • Collected Essays [1961]


'This selection is a ceaseless delight ... there is a treat on almost every page' Daily Telegraph

George Orwell wrote, in his words, from 'a desire to see things as they are'. This new collection of his journalism and other writings, including articles, essays, broadcasts, poems, book and film reviews from across his career, shows his unmatched genius for observing the world. Whether discussing Polish immigration or Scottish independence, railing against racism, defending the English language or holding an imaginary conversation with Jonathan Swift, these pieces reveal a clear-eyed, entertaining and eternally relevant chronicler of his age.

Edited with an introduction by Peter Davison

'Orwell's luminous gift was for seeing things, for noticing what others missed, took for granted or simply found uninteresting, for discovering meaning and wonder in the familiarity of the everyday... Nothing escaped or seemed beneath his notice, which was what made him such a good reporter... Seeing Things As They Are is intended to be a collection first and foremost of his journalism, with preference given to lesser-known pieces and reviews as well as some of the poems he wrote. It is full of interest and curiosities' Jason Cowley, Financial Times

'Peter Davison gives us a feast of [Orwell's] shorter writings, showing how from such hesitant beginnings he evolved into the writer of enduring importance we know, committed to decency, equality and political honesty, who could nevertheless wax lyrical over the first signs of spring or an imaginary English pub' Gordon Bowker, Independent

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