Copper Sulfate And Zinc Coursework Assignment

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Graded AssignmentUnit Test, Part 2Answer the questions below. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.(8 points)1.The diagram shows an electrochemical cell with a copper strip in a solution ofcopper (II) sulfate (left) and a zinc strip in a solution of zinc sulfate (right).In your response, do the following:Label all parts (1–9), including the solutions in each beaker and the connecting tube.Label which cell is the cathode and which cell is the anode. Include the charge on each strip.Show, or describe in detail, the flow of electrons.Describe what type of electrochemical cell is pictured. Explain how the cell works. Include theoxidation and reduction half-reactions in your explanation.Answer: - 1- Cathode(Cu) 2- copper electrolyte solution usually CuSO4 3- Cu half cell 4- bulb (when lighted shows the current is flowing) 5- Zn half cell 6- Zn electrolyte solution 7- connecting wires 8- anode (Zn) 9- salt bridge-Cu half cell will be cathode and Zn will be anode. Reaction anode- Zn->Zn2+2e Reaction cathode Cu2+2e-

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