Essay Liberalism Vs Conservatism

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Conservatives Vs Liberals Essay

In America's political system there are two different parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Each party has two sub-branches, a classic branch and a new "neo" branch. Because of these newfound branches, the members of them have different beliefs on government size and morals. The branches views obviously differ from the other parties views, but they also have "in party" differences as well.

The first branch of the Republican party are the Classic Conservatives. In today's day and age, there are less and less of these types of conservatives. The classic conservative believes that the government should play a small roll in the economy. They feel that big business should handle themselves with very little government interference. They are very morally self-contained, which means that they don't believe in gay marriage, but they won't openly criticize gay people for wanting to get married. They will just turn up their nose for the most part and look down on them. The best example of a Classic Conservative is former New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani.

The second branch of the Republican party are the Neo-Conservatives. "Neo" means new, so this is how younger conservative are being brought up. The "neo"-conservative feels that the government should be economically small but socially big. That means that they feel that big business should govern themselves, but that the government should play a bigger part in everyday life. Unlike their classic counterparts, they are extremely morally judgmental. They vehemently oppose gay marriage, and are very vocal about their views on it. The best examples of "Neo"-Conservatives are former senate majority leader Tom DeLay and current President George W. Bush.

The first branch of the Democratic party are the Classic Liberals. Today, the majority of liberals in politics are classic liberals. They believe that governments should be...

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The ultimate liberal ideology is the “government should aid us wherever we see fit.” Liberals, (democrats) feel as though the government should help solve everyone’s problems

other than them helping themselves. Liberalism is all about constant change. They keep the freedoms of expression before anything else. When comparing conservative and liberal, the conservative makes it each


 responsibility for themselves, unlike the liberals wishing for equality. Through the years, it became more about the individual than America as a whole. In the Constitution, it states each person has the right to the pursuit of happiness, but since when did it go from you have the right to find your own happiness to the expectation of the government handing it to you on a silver platter.

Everybody’s upbringing shapes their personal development, which then has an effect on

their moral views; ultimately constructing their political outlook on life. While growing up, my  parents never talked about politics. They only shared what The Bible taught and how they were related. Other than hearing about what views my parents had, I was left on my own to make my decision. Because of being raised a Christian, I already had some morals finalized. I was able to define my interpretation of what is right and what is wrong all leading up to my survey results consisting of, 75% conservative view and 25% liberal view. From these results, I have realized that there is and never will be a definitive side of the argument. Times have changed and so have

traditions. There’s a lot more choices and free

-thinking, thus we create our own ideas on how the

government should be ran, but not everyone can be pleased, hence why “voting”

 was created. Like myself, most people are somewhere in the middle of republican views and democratic views. In the end, it is all subjective.

Whether you’re white, black, a boy or girl, Christian or Atheist and even conservative or

liberal, we all want the same thing. Although we are never going to stop being compared, we can

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